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Internet reacts to Dorsey's full court heave

So maybe you live under a rock, or you're at summer camp, or your mom took your phone from you, but Millbrook senior Patrick Dorsey broke the internet by chucking a full court shot in the 2016 Powerade State Games of North Carolina semi-final that was nothing but net. Video evidence appears that he got it off in time, but officials deemed that it was too late; regardless, when cool things happen, the internet jumps all over it. Here are the reactions in wake of "the shot":

9:32 AM- "The Shot" is sunk

10:51 AM- "The Shot" hits Twitter

11:23 AM- Fox Sports 1 picks up on the play

12:00 PM- Local media picks up on it....

Those in the crowd noticed.

Former players noticed.

Even the guy who missed the shot before "the shot" noticed.

12:24 AM- "The Shot" is ESPN SportsCenter's Top Play

This wasn't our first rodeo....

Everybody's favorite public school system got in on the fun:

This morning, it was still cool:

The man behind the shot noticed:

And some more national media outlets followed suit:

More media coverage, and crazy tweets are sure to follow. Over 68,000 people have watched the original video on our Twitter account, and hundreds of thousands of more have viewed it online or on television. As more reactions come in, we will post them above... until then, we have to steal a line from Ice Cube and say, "today was a good day".

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